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Pepper Canning Weekend

Yes, THOSE peppers. The famous, coveted Junior peppers. Each year, our club spends an entire weekend canning delicious mild, mixed, and hot peppers in sauce to sell to our community. In 2019 we canned a record 772 jars of peppers, all of which were sold in less than one week. Our recipe is top secret and handed down from generation to generation, so you can't get them anywhere else. People wait all year for these, so be sure to mark your calendar for next September!


The money from our pepper sales goes to our general fund, which is used for anything not earmarked for the backpack program or our Be the Change Ball. This can include anything from donating boots to local schools, supplying smoke alarms to area children through Operation Not One More, sending donations to the Clarksburg Mission or Hope, Inc., funding scholarships for high school seniors, supporting our local Red Cross, sending children to camps or helping families in times of need.

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