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Community Outreach

The GFWC Bridgeport Junior Woman's Club members have been assisting the WV VOAD and the Harrison County Office of Emergency Management.  The Juniors are helping by answering phone calls at the OEM office call site in Bridgeport for Harrison County.  They have estimated taking about 1,000 names each day for the list of those wanting to be vaccinated.


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"It was seriously fun and enjoyable! You will walk out of there feeling great! I signed up for two days next week because I loved it so much." Krista Arnold

"The calls are nonstop, but heart is full trying to help get those most venerable on the vaccine waitlist." - Sarah Dodson

"Getting people Vaccinated in our community is such a huge issue.  I was so happy to help in some small way.  Everyone who called in was so excited and grateful to just be on the list. It gave me a sense of hope I haven't had in a long time." Sarah McNeely

"I could go on and on! It truly is a remarkable experience. To hear how grateful these people are warms the heart!" Lindsey Lucky 

"I feel so proud that I was able to help all these people." Michelle Duez

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